What to Drink in the Morning Besides Caffeine


There are certainly many alternatives to caffeine in the morning. People can enjoy drinking beverages even with other stimulating effects.

Yerba mate is a healthy tea that does not have any caffeine. However, it is still an energizing tea. It will give energy at a steady rate all day.

Other choices can be to go for lemon with hot water. This will start to cleanse the body already early in the morning. Some people who are into health trends might want to add a teaspoon of turmeric.

Turmeric will give an anti-cancer boost to the day. A person couldn’t really ask for anything more.

Some people like to have smoothies that are packed with nutrients. This beverage can be a meal as well as hydration. Smoothies may or may not contain protein powder. They usually have fruit and yogurt in them as well as some added water. Sometimes hemp seeds or flax powder can enhance the health benefits.